Tue | Jun 22, 2021

Disheartened single mother

Published:Saturday | June 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Lately, in a bid to show fathers just how important a role they have in the homes, single mothers have come under attack.

I have watched many programmes where, after listening to the views expressed, I am left disheartened as a single mother. Chief among these was 'The Susan Show', where an expert suggested that children in single-parent homes are many times more likely to become delinquents/failures.

Since watching that interview, I have seen where others have suggested the same. I will not try to dispute the fact that having both parents in a child's life is highly beneficial, as I know it is the ideal situation for any child.

However, in Jamaica, the reality is that at least half of all homes are run by single parents, the missing parent, in most cases, being the father. I support any discussions geared towards encouraging our fathers to recognise the importance of their roles.

On the other hand, though, I believe that in doing so, we should try our best not to undermine the efforts of many single parents, especially mothers, who work tirelessly to see to the success of their children. Time and time again we hear success stories from many affluent members of our society who were raised by single mothers.

Therefore, while we highlight the importance of fathers, let us also celebrate the achievements of single mothers. They are so many who, in spite of the challenges, did not become victims of their circumstances but instead worked hard to raise their children properly and birthed many successes.

Let us not let it appear as if single mothers are fighting a losing battle.