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Please stop the BB messages

Published:Saturday | June 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM


As a mobile consumer, I believe I have the right to the best mobile prices available in Jamaica. As a democracy, I also believe I have a right to freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Like many other Jamaicans, I also believe I am quite capable of analysing the information that is out there to make a decision for myself.

Why, therefore, am I constantly being bombarded with annoying BlackBerry broadcast messages about which mobile service I should use and whose I shouldn't use? I am tired of it, and it needs to stop. Are these really being sent by passionate consumers or are they orchestrated?

For months I've heard the LIME managing director lobbying for fair competition for rates. I see much progress being made by the operators, so why do we feel the need to try to influence people's decisions by bad-mouthing the other person or player? Is this what we call fair competition?

In the past week, I've received at least nine rather very unpleasant BBM from persons speaking out against Digicel, and I'm really hoping I don't start getting any from persons speaking out against LIME.

These are not objective messages; instead, some of these are filled with expletives that are used to describe the company. Is this what competition has turned into? If it was about low rates, are we not getting that now? So all we have to do is take the information available to us and make our own decisions.

I am very concerned that as a country, even after 50 years, rather than moving forward, we are regressing by taking the dirty habit of bipartisan politics to the corporate world. This is not at all NOT what I expected fair competition to be.

Stop insulting our intellegence. We are capable of making our own decisions, so please stop trying to influence us.