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Published:Monday | July 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Inspired Living 2012 panellists and speakers (from left) Marvin Hall, Rese Young, Stephen Newland, Justine Henzell, Zachary Harding and Senator Imani Duncan-Price. - photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

At some point in everyone's life, there are days when success seems distant and motivation lacking. There are days when achieving your main goals seem impossible and compounded by others who deem it impractical. But having those days are only long-lived by you making a choice to relish in the feeling of inadequacy.

Speaking at the recently held Inspired Living 2012, a motivational seminar at the Wyndham Kingston hotel, health and lifestyle coach Rese Young said that purpose is what drives success. "Successful people all live inspired lives. Purpose is what really drives us. This is what gets you excited. Living inspired is something that burns inside. You get up every day excited about what is to come."

In her passionate and engaging delivery, Young highlighted that starting on the path to success and accomplishing goals are dependent on three Ps. "Passion, purpose and positivity. When you identify your purpose, you know what you want to do. Anything you are looking for, you will find it. If you go towards your passion and purpose, you will find it. And remember to learn to remain calm in the face of adversity because the universe conspires on our behalf every day."

According to Young, the greatest fulfilment and leverage to judge success comes when what is being pursued is something that fuels passion. "Your greatest success will always be in the direction of that thing you are passionate about."

Taking the audience on a self-analysing journey, the vivacious lifestyle coach shared four practical steps which she cited as being valuable to get you started on the success train.

"You have to select an area of your life that you want to change. Describe clearly what it is that you want to change. Ask yourself what steps did you take to get there. When you do all of that, you then imagine that vision and passion. Be clear about what you want for your life and what rituals you can put together to achieve your vision."

Urging members of the audience to be honest with themselves during the evaluation, she also stressed the importance of having a ritual or routine which she believes ignites success.

Government senator and head of marketing at Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited Imani Duncan-Price; managing director of Halls of Learning, Marvin Hall; CEO of Agency20Seven, Zachary Harding; Filmmaker Justine Henzell and musician Stephen Newland of Rootz Underground rounded out the evening's presenters.

With each recognised in their respective fields and having an accomplished career to date, they spoke on topics including inspiration, perseverance, and optimism in a video compilation and on a panel in a question-and-answer segment.

In sharing how she got over a business failure, Duncan-Price said that after experiencing a wide range of emotions, including failure, she began writing down lessons to be gained from that period in her life. This she said really helped her to rise and conquer her feelings of distress. That exercise and indepth exploration of what other options she had led her to finding her purpose and finding herself again.

She explained that while delays and obstacles will surface, it is really how one regroups and comes out victorious at the end.

With its aim to inspire, Inspired Living 2012 left audience members with renewed energy, positive thoughts and the aim to find and work towards chanelling that burning passion into something worthwhile.

Next week, Flair will share the interesting story of Rese Young, former corporate executive who said goodbye to the corporate world to become a health and lifestyle coach.