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Whites for the black, green and gold!

Published:Monday | July 2, 2012 | 12:00 AM
J.Wray and Nephew launch Jamaica 50 rum. - Winston Sill / Freelance Photographer

If white rum were a religion I'd be the equivalent of its pope. I'm a believer, make that devotee, better yet, make it, member for life. The popular Jamaican drink sits right at the top of my favourite things to consume. Corn on the cob and mangoes and I have even had both dipped in whites, so rum and raisin ice cream automatically gets a shot of rum for me and if I order a daiquiri, I usually request more rum from the bartender! But seriously folks, congratulations to the Wray & Nephew family for launching a commemorative package of (the now too-expensive) brew.

From all accounts, it was a glitzy affair at the Mona Visitors' Lodge last Tuesday night and bartenders couldn't pour it fast enough for the guests. What else do you expect from such a versatile product? It is neck and neck with salt, nutmeg and water. You can hardly imagine blending, cooking, baking, mixing anything without it. I certainly can't. So tax or not, I would rather give up trips to the salon in order to continue being able to afford rum, so Dr Phillips, try your best. Rum haffi buy.

Just think:

Sorrel with wine? Dash wey dat, try a little whites.

Eggnog? Duh!

Rum cake? Down with the rest, white rum is the best.

Christmas cake? Go figure.

Soursop/carrot juice/fruit punch? Just the thing to put them over the top. As a matter of fact, for every blended drink I make, a tipple of whites is mandatory.

A touch of 'flu? No doctor bill needed, just reach for the friendly flask.

A little chill/fever? Sop the forehead and take a whiff, off to bed, and wake up cured, (works for me).

Celebrating the Olympics? Need you ask?

And as for the Carrion's bat-bat (read John crow batty), potent stuff.

Now if you want to be really adventurous, pour some over a certain green vegetable matter and allow it to cure over time and it will take care of every malady, including the doctors! It's great for cooking too. And if you steep some ripe pimento berries in a small flask, and just allow it to get mellow, it will cure bellyaches or indigestion, much in the same way it does when poured over dried, grated bissy. De ting good fe true.

It can even run duppy!

Feeling upset or feeling happy? Wray & Nephew White Rum to the rescue. Rain set up outside, grab the bottle and chase your personal clouds away. I used to say only a drunkard could drink white rum straight/neat until I lived in the United States and experienced my first winter in 1988. The place was so cold, my nightly glass of Wray & Nephew White was like elixir to my soul; it went directly to my bones. I discovered new respect for the brand that year.

I hear the other new brands on the market are good too, I most definitely will never know. Let me put it this way, French folks are very snobbish about other countries' wines and champagnes; the Italians don't believe anyone else knows leather goods like they do so why should I even consider anything other than my Wray & Nephew whites? I could go on but I'm sure you have your list of reasons to love Jamaica's famous rum. Oh, and by the way, depending on my mood, I like it over crystal clear ice cubes, neat or with coconut water.