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Trelawny residents want Bolt's face carved into hillside

Published:Friday | August 10, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Elated Usain Bolt supporters exploded onto the streets of Falmouth, Trelawny, yesterday afternoon, after Bolt won the men's 200m final to complete a Jamaican clean sweep of the event. - photo by Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke, Gleaner Writer


One suggestion coming from some residents of Sherwood Content in Trelawny, Usain Bolt's hometown, is to carve an image of his face into the nearby hillside that overlooks the Bolt family home.

And how appropriate that would be to commemorate a lifetime of achievements from arguably the greatest sprinter the world has known; this after Usain St Leo Bolt did the double-double, winning yesterday's 200m final at the London Olympics.

"Just as they have at Mt Rushmore in the United States, I think they should carve him face into the hill that overlooks his family house in Sherwood. That would tell everyone that he is the greatest ever runner," Michael Turse told The Gleaner.

The track superstar's aunt, Lillian Bolt, said: "Today it proved that Usain is not just a great champion, but a living legend."

"He did it again," she shouted, as the trio of Jamaicans ran past the line for an historic finish.

The community then erupted with shouts and screams accentuated by the clapping of pot covers and waving of tree branches.

In Falmouth, a crowd gathered in Water Square and sang the National Anthem to celebrate the achievement.

Lillian Bolt said she was not surprised about the results.

"How could I be surprised? This is Usain Bolt we talking about. He is the greatest and he proved it again and Yohan (Blake) and (Warren) Weir made us even prouder. He is amazing," she declared.

Talking through tv set

Prior to the race, Lillian sat attentively 'talking' to Usain through the television set.

"Today is your day, boy. Today you become the legend you dream of being," she said.

The obligatory motorcade then proceeded, taking a train of cars through Sherwood Content into Falmouth and beyond, with waving flags everywhere and to shouts of "Bolt! Bolt! Bolt!"

Said Lillian: "I never dream of this; Jamaica coming one-two-three in a 200m finals. Usain is the man, Blake is 'the Beast and of course Weir is a star in the making. I am so happy right now, I can hardly contain myself!"