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Second SPLASH for Porus

Published:Friday | October 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM
It is all wet at a water party - unless you are in the dry area. - File
It is all wet at a water party - unless you are in the dry area. - File

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

Medina Entertainment is gearing up to host the second staging of its flagship event, SPLASH, tomorrow. As implied by the name of the event, SPLASH is a water party and Porus, Manchester, will get a second chance to indulge in a concept that is fast growing in popularity.

Patrick 'Cue P' Pinnock, promoter of the event, told The Gleaner last year that having attended school in Kingston, he wanted to share his experiences with his community, and therefore decided to host the party. However, this time, he says, aims to turn up the experience to another level.

"We have moved the venue, taking residence at a more central and bigger location, which is the Porus Community Centre. We have also included pools and water slide. There will also be a wet and dry area, so planning is definitely turned up a notch," he said.

SPLASH is also an acronym for Sexy Pretty Ladies Are Sent Here, and the promoter has outlined special plans for female patrons. "This year, there is a special two-for-one deal for female patrons. They are my main audience, so it's only right to cater to them. We will also have appearances from the Splash College girls and a wet T-shirt contest," he said.

Admission to SPLASH is $300 presold and $500 at the gate. Food will also be on sale. Food tickets will cost $350.

DJs booked to appear at SPLASH include DJ Hypnosis, Deadline Sound, DJ Marvin, DJ R and DJ Freestyle. SPLASH runs a children-based fun day from noon to 5 p.m. However, the hardcore party will go from 9 p.m until 2 a.m.

"We will have designated parking areas and relevant security and detox measures in place. Adding to those, part proceeds of SPLASH will be in aid of charity," Pinnock said.

Sponsors of the event include BOJ TV, Mawgaman Designs, Express Wholesale, Dancehalltakeout, Boom Energy drink, Rum Bar Overproof Rum, Medina Records, Yu Boomie Entertainment, and One Link Production.