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The Art of Living returns

Published:Monday | November 5, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Dushyant Savadia (centre), international programme director - Art of Living Foundation, takes two students Ankit Kripalani (left) and Scottish harpist Mary Somerville through a period of meditation. - Janet Silvera Photo
Participants in deep concentration during the The Art Of Living, Health and Wellness Seminar, hosted by Dushyant Savadia at the Wyndham hotel, New Kingston on Thursday night.

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

Once there is breath, there is life. However, improper breathing can deny us the valuable, wholesome health benefits.

The Art of Living is a non-profit organisation which has been promoting its belief of how powerful breathing is in living a wholesome and positive life.

International programme director and volunteer travelling instructor Dushyant Savadia noted that there is a premise from which the organisation operates, which allows for the strengthening of individuals.

"A stress-free mind, disease-free body, trauma-free memory, inhibition-free intellect, quiver-free breath and a sorrowful-free soul are the birthright of every human being. Art of Living empowers individuals to reclaim their birthright."

The organisation which started in India 30 years ago is established in 153 countries and have benefited 300 million people worldwide through its workshops.

Taking persons through various breathing exercises, Savadia highlighted that the difference is felt instantly in the sessions.

"It is very instant. As soon as you have done a session there is renewed energy and you feel so much alive."

follow-up sessions

With all proceeds going to charity, the instructor noted that there are three follow-up sessions after the initial one. However, the very first one, he noted, is usually enough.

One of the main benefits of breathing is the calming effects it triggers, and according to the instructor, this can help to reduce anger.

Anger, he noted is a primary reason for violence, especially in inner-city communities. And as part of its humanitarian and outreach programme, Art of Living has gone into many communities in Jamaica, and this has benefited 78 children so far.

The organisation will also be visiting inmates in local prisons later this year to share its principles and techniques through organised courses.

Stress is one of the common denominators which can result in emotional turmoil, physical weakness, tiredness and can even lead to illnesses and diseases. The powerful meditation and breathing exercises, according to Savadia, energise and purify.

"We do this by eliminating stress from our system using very powerful and natural resources, and these are breathing and meditating."

Returning to Jamaica after being established here for four months, Art of Living in collaboration with Gymkhana and Guardsman Group, will be hosting a series of workshops.

They will be held on November 11, 14, 15 and 18, 2012 at the Hope Zoo. These sessions will run from 6:30-10 p.m.

For more information, persons can call 290-7424 or email