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More on Isratech's solar operation

Published:Sunday | November 11, 2012 | 12:00 AM
A Chromagen water heater mounted atop a house in a Jamaican residential scheme as seen on the website.


Let me first thank the Financial Gleaner for the, article that was published on November 2 about our preparations to assemble solar water heater panels locally. Public feedback has been mostly positive; however there are a few points stemming from the article that we feel the need to clarify with additional information.

The company has decided to embark on this new approach mainly because of improvements in logistic efficiencies and not because of any changes in the value of the Jamaican dollar.

It was not explicit in the previous article but advantages derived from Isratech's assembly of solar water heater panels locally would gain the company a competitive advantage which would definitely translate into a better value proposition for local customers.

The flexibility that local assembly would allow would translate into the need to keep leaner stocks which improves efficiencies.

The benefits to customers would not only be manifested the form of lower prices, but they could also take the form of improved quality of goods and services. So we do not agree with the subtitle 'No cost benefits for clients'. Market research would inform the combination of strategies that would be employed as we seek to satisfy our customers

On the issue of solar water heater panels degrading in storage over time, we want it to be made clear that nothing of consequence happens to a solar water heater panel if it is allowed to sit in our warehouse. They do not become shop worn.

These panels are designed to sit on a roof for 20 or more years exposed to the elements of nature. We feel the need to also point out that there is greater risk associated with moving fully assembled solar water heater panels around than moving parts that are yet to be assembled.

Reduction in cost

The reduction of this risk of damage translates into a reduction of a raft of associated costs.

It should also be made clear that the sacrificial anode is also usually checked and changed only if necessary as a component of the regular service to Chromagen solar water heaters offered by Isratech Energy Solutions.

Servicing solar water heaters every five or so years is as routine as changing your car's engine oil. The Chromagen solar water heater pictured in the November 2 article is one of our older models that is well over 10 years old, yet it still provides good service to our employees when they shower.

Dwight Cousins

Energy Solutions Department Manager

Isratech Jamaica Limited