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Short Story - Stop And Stare

Published:Sunday | November 25, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Jason Stephenson, Contributor

Tasha rolled her eyes at the young man eyeing her from across the schoolyard. He was clearly new, because as far as Tasha could tell, she had no idea who he was.

She could feel his eyes gallivanting all over her body ever since the lunch bell rang. This boy was just sitting there on the fifth form block railing just staring at her like a little creep. Up and down, side to side, back to front and all over - she was so fed up. Her friend Sandra, was still in her math class doing a test, so Tasha went ahead and bought some lunch from the tuck shop as she waited - two patties, two cocoa bread and two box drinks.

Not long after, Sandra slipped under the big mango tree where the two girls always had lunch. She threw down her bag before letting out a deep sigh.

"So a wha mek you tek so long?!" hissed Tasha, as she handed Sandra a patty, a cocoa bread and box drink.

Sandra pulled up a seat beside Tasha shaking up the box drink before opening it to take a quick sip.

"Dah test deh di have mi a ways star! Me did a try copy offa Dexter but him look like him neva know nuttin either - Mi lucky if me pass!" said Sandra taking a big bite of her patty.

'Crosses' boy

Tasha suddenly hissed her teeth before she could even start eating. Her eyes met with the same 'crosses' boy from across the basketball court.

"A wha happen?" asked Sandra quickly, brushing some patty crumbs off her uniform.

"Nuh di boy ova deh! Just a stare pon me like seh me and him a friend!"

Sandra drank another gulp of her box drink before peeking across the court.

"You kno him?" asked Tasha.

"The short one wid the glasses?"

"Naw man, the tall one with the blue bag, see him deh a si' down."

"Oh, David?! Him inna mi maths class! Him and him brother bright you see! Dem just move from country from 'bout last month."

Tasha rolled her eyes again. By now, a handful of his entourage had joined him. Some of them even brazen enough to join in with the awkward stares, before huddling up in a big crowd, smiling and bickering with one another like a bunch of idiots. Some of them seemed as if they wanted to come over to Tasha, but David would only drag them back each time again and again before cussing at them to stop the foolishness.

"Mi nuh wha him come over yah enuh!" yelled Tasha squinting into the pack of boys.

"So wha? Him cyaa like you?" said Sandra.

"Naw!" snapped Tasha. "You nuh see seh me a hottaz?! My body tun up long time! Him cyaa tek care a me, him all come from country too - dat mek it even wuss!"

Sandra crushed her patty bag and box drink, getting up to throw them away in a nearby rubbish bin.

"After him nuh look bad." she said.

"Eww!" squealed Tasha. "Him mouth big like, and him too black fi me. My pickney dem haffi brown!"

Tasha rambled on and on about David. His "twist-up foot dem", the old school uniform he was wearing, the chance that he probably takes the bus and doesn't even drive, where he lives and whether or not he even knows what cable or Internet is and why he had no chance of ever being a part of Tasha's fabulous life.

Not happy

Meanwhile, Shawn, David's younger brother, came into view as he crossed the basketball court to greet his friends. He didn't look very happy.

"How come you just a done?!" asked David.

"Dah test deh did hard man, mi not even sure if me pass." said Shawn.

"It did easy, bout! Me know seh me pass dat, Daddy ago fix you business you see!" warned David before he began staring back over at the mango tree where the two girls laughed and babbled.

"Shawn, tell me something, you know dah girl deh?" he asked his brother.

Shawn looked across the yard.

"The roun' one?! Yeah man, she inna mi maths class - she pretty don't?!"

"Naw man, nuh she," said David. "The other one!"

Shawn took another look.

"Naw, mi nuh know her ... Why?"

David sadly shook his head.

"Me never know seh God cudda so wicked fi mek creature weh look so ... . What a gyal ugly man! Mi just cyaa stop stare pon har!"