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Rebel Salute 2013 targets family

Published:Saturday | December 22, 2012 | 12:00 AM
Tony Rebel
Queen Ifrica

Centred entirely on serving patrons and their families, Rebel Salute 2013 will boast an array of health and wellness information and services, local food, and a cultural showcase that pays tribute to Jamaica's indigenous and current art forms.

But what happens if you have a young one who may not appreciate some of the more adult aspects of the family expo?

"We'll be taking care of all the children. But if it's required we'll be on the frontline," explained Queen Ifrica, who plays no small part in helping Tony Rebel to organise the annual event.

Ifrica's statement refers to the vibrant kiddies' village the organisers plan to have in place.

The village will include traditional children's games, folk items and more.

According to a release from Rebel Salute's organisers, the event will go beyond the standard variety of children's entertainment offered at most events.

"Rebel Salute 2013 will bring a rich blend of traditional and modern activities for children of all ages. Children will delight in intrepid tales by some of the most passionate and animated local storytellers, explore various forms of art and craft, and learn hands-on about some of the newest technologies designed to educate and stretch young minds," the release read.

teach tradition

One of the reasons the organisation claims it has put in the kiddies' village is cable. According to the promoters, the increased use of cable has reduced the number of opportunities there are to teach tradition to Jamaican children.

That history, that tradition will be taught through old-time favourite games as well as donkey and tractor rides that take place amid teachings about the history of the island.

Other organisations will be invited to teach children about protecting and nurturing the environment through a series of green games. The organisations will also have the opportunity to promote love for reading through book displays and sales.

Popular children's rides and bounceabouts will also be available at a minimal cost.

During the day, from noon to 6 p.m., numerous easily identified youth volunteers will be on hand to assist in control and supervision of young ones.

Rebel Salute takes place at Richmond Estate on January 18 and 19, 2013.