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'Jamaica Condom Style' makes waves

Published:Sunday | December 23, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter

With Psy's Gangnam Style climbing past one billion YouTube views, local actors from the Independent Actors Movement (I AM) are also raking in views for their informative parody, Jamaica Condom Style, that is advocating safe sex.

Damion Radcliffe, artistic director for I AM, says the idea came to him after watching Psy's video.

"I had this wonderful idea for a video and thought I could write a song promoting safe sex. I sat down with a friend and then the lyrics came. I didn't want to just have a song about condoms, but one that came from a male and female perspective," he said, describing the recording process as a fun one.

Since being uploaded on YouTube in mid November, the video has received almost 140,000 views.

In the message-filled video, the catchy beat is accompanied by persons doing their spin on the Gangnam Style dance move. There are also two separate scenes with a male and a female refusing sex with their partners due to the absence of condoms.

With the buzz around the song, Radcliffe explained that the response has surpassed his expectations.

"I thought it was going to be fun and that people would just love the song and listen to it. I wanted it to be the underground national anthem for safe sex," Radcliffe told The Sunday Gleaner.

"I didn't anticipate the response that I have been having for the video. I didn't do it with the hope of making a hit song or for money. I just thought it would be fun."

Not readily accepted

He did note, however, that not all persons readily accepted the song or were even willing to take a look until it started circulating on Facebook.

In addition to the positive responses and views, he says there have been suggestions to bring it to schools and for it to be shown on TV. He said persons have also said it is something that should be supported by one of the condom brands. He said a Facebook page called 'Jamaica Condom Style' has also been created, encouraging persons to be comfortable with condoms and condom use.

Meanwhile, Radcliffe added I AM will be celebrating its 10th year in 2013. While remaining tight-lipped about their upcoming projects, Radcliffe hinted at a major one-man show in February.