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Beauty wise - Best of 2012

Published:Monday | December 31, 2012 | 12:00 AM

The beauty world is as dynamic as ever with new products hitting the market even while existing ones are being tweeked.

With this type of market dynamism, consumers are sometimes caught in a hard place trying to sift through the ones that actually work, suit them or are useless.

As your premier beauty guide, Flair has over the past year endeavoured to steer you in the right direction. Today, we present the best in beauty trends and products for 2012.


Offered locally at DermaKare, this procedure is a relatively cost-effective alternative to plastic surgery for targeting unwanted fat.

The procedure entails injecting choline which is found in vitamins, into the layers of fat. This solution helps in the shrinkage of fat in the areas of concern.

Maybelline eye tattoo gel cream eyeshadow

As the name suggests, it is long-lasting, so you need not worry about fading colours or having to constantly reapply. It stays in tact and can be removed with waterproof eyeshadow remover or petroleum jelly. The creamy consistency allows the colour to glide on easily without creasing.

Irie Rock skincare line

One hundred percent Jamaican, the Irie Rock skincare line features 10 fragrances which not only have exotic scents but possess ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter. These ingredients are beneficial to the skin, which allows you to reap benefits while smelling great!

Ettenio hair care

Another locally made product, Ettenio, promises to encourage longer, stronger and healthier hair. Using natural ingredients, Ettenio is a total hair-care line suited for natural hair and locks.

Eyeshadow colours - orange electric blue

Electric blue and orange were two big eyeshadow colours in the makeup world for 2012. Creating that extra pop, the colours can give you that runway effect, which is perfect for an evening look.

Nude and bright-coloured nail polishes

For 2012, the popular colours were able to suit the most conservative to the adventurous. Nude shades were big this year, which were perfect to go with any look. Then on the flip side, bright shades of pink, blue, yellow and purple were sported as highlighters on the nails (like a French manicure) for that edgy look.

Gel nails

Becoming increasingly popular in Jamaica, gel nails are said to be the more delicate approach to getting nail extensions. Not as harsh on the nails as acrylic, this method does not require much buffing of the nails. A gel is applied to the nail like nail polish and cured under a UV lamp for three minutes. After the curing process, it is then filed to the desired shape and length. It can be polished with colour or worn naturally.

Talon/stiletto nails

Wild or just different? Well maybe both! This trend was first spotted on international celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna and then spread like wildfire making its way to Jamaica. Not the most practical beauty trend because of its pointy edges.

Iman luxury pressed powder

Recently launched here in Jamaica, the Iman luxury pressed powder is the latest product in the Iman cosmetics line. Designed for women of colour, this latest innovation is sheer and translucent, providing a semi-matte finish that looks and feels weightless. It is said to absorb oil, resulting in a shine-free look. It comes in five different shades.

BB creams

Since making its debut on to the market last year, BB creams, which are known as blemish balms or beauty balms, have grown significantly popular this year and will be for 2013. Several cosmetics companies have introduced their version, pushing it as an all-in-one beauty corrector and treatment. They are promoted as tinted moisturisers, which have SPF, hide blemishes and moisturise the skin.

Red for the lips

The days of associating red lips with older and mature women are long gone. In fact, with the varying shades of red, women of all ages can find their perfect match. Red lips, which represent elegance, sophistication and sexiness, dominated lips this year and based on previous years, red seems likely to continue as a staple lip colour for many.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance

With its fresh and irresistible scent, the Light Blue fragrance is far from being new on the market. But it remains a top seller worldwide. It makes a perfect gift or a nice addition to an existing fragrance collection.