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Matterhorn wins US$20,000 ... In Diddy's sound clash at Limelight club

Published:Monday | January 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Tony Matterhorn (left) and Randy Rich on the turntables during the clash.
Diddy (right) enjoys the company of local entertainers Beenie Man (left) and KipRich. - Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
Diddy (right) and his girlfriend, singer Cassie, watch the action from the elevated Ciroc VIP area.

Curtis Campbell, Gleaner Writer

The recent sound clash hosted by iconic Grammy Award-winning rapper/producer Sean 'Diddy' Combs in collaboration with Supreme Promotions was a sure hit at the Limelight club's parking lot in Half-Way Tree on Friday night.

The clash featured local selectors Tony Matterhorn, World Clash Champions Bass Odyssey, Foota Hype, Flava Unit and Stargaze Sound, competing for a cash prize of US$20,000.

DJ Chris Diamond got the vibes going in the early part, playing songs like Blak Ryno's Dem Fraid and Thug Anthem.

At 11 p.m., MC Nuffy announced the start of the clash and Bass Odyssey pulled dubs like I-Octane's Suffa Too Long and Jah Vinci's My Life. Patrons enjoyed the set and gave roars of approval.

Flava Unit came next and played Anything a Anything by Mad Cobra, Real Stinga by Blak Ryno and Bounty Killer's Man Ah Badman. Their set too was well received.

Stargaze Sound opted to go the Mavado route and played Gully Christmas which also featured Flexx and Savage. However, their transition was not smooth and patrons voiced their disgust.

Tony Matterhorn came next and vowed to avenge his death at the hands of KipRich at Sting.

"This is my world ... mi a guh murda dem," he declared.

The experienced selector played Little Sound Boy by Johnny Osborne, getting a huge uproar from the crowd.

"Bass Odyssey mi love unno but mi cyah mek di money guh country," he said and played I-Octane's Suffa Too Long followed by six lethal Bounty Killer dubplates.

Foota Hype came next blaring a series of expletives much to the disapproval of the sponsors, audience and police personnel. He had to be cautioned.

After his distasteful display, he played Bounty Killer's Spy Fi Die and a deadly Konshens dubplate spilling some derogatory data about Matterhorn's chipped tooth. Needless to say, it left the crowd in a frenzy.

After rounds of hard-core and explicit dancehall/reggae content, Flava Unit, World Champions Bass Odyssey and Stargaze Sound were eliminated, leaving Tony Matterhorn and Foota Hype to battle for the cash prize.

However, not before a seemingly happy Diddy took the stage to give a performance singing hits like I'll Be Missing You, Bad Boy For Life among others. At this point even the photographers were clashing to get a snap of Forbes' second wealthiest hip-hop star in the world.

The rapper was also joined on stage by the likes of KipRich, Ninja Man, Flippa Moggla and Beenie Man who all delivered songs in tag team style.

Diddy then took his place at the Ciroc Vodka booth along with his girlfriend, R&B singer Cassie.

Ciroc premium vodka played host to Diddy inside an elevated VIP area. Diddy is the ambassador for Ciroc in the US.

Marsha Lumley, brand manager for Ciroc, said that though the event was put together at the last minute it was only natural for Ciroc to partner with Supreme Promotions. "This event showcases the best sound talent in Jamaica, Ciroc wants to connect with the grass roots and this is a good way for us to do so. Our premium offerings found favour with our special guest and also the high patronage at the event."

Back on the battlefield, a brutal clash continued between Tony Matterhorn and Foota Hype. Both DJs tried every tactic in the book of war to get the audience on their side. They threw money in the crowd, exchanged cheap insults and even promised to share the cash prize with the crowd. At the end of the musical fight, Tony Matterhorn came out on top based on the response from the crowd.

Diddy was seen climbing on top of the VIP railing shouting in approval, also blowing a horn given to him by dancer Sadeke. "This is what I came to see," Diddy yelled.

Tony Matterhorn, after receiving his cash prize from Diddy, pledged to donate an undetermined amount to charity. He also gave US$1,000 to each of his fellow DJs who participated.