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Pam's big 50!

Published:Sunday | January 20, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Birthday girl Pamela Redwood (left) with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and best friend, the fab Tanya Ho-Shue.
The PM (right) hugs long-time friend Kenny Benjamin. -Contributed

Chester Francis-Jackson, Contributor

My dears, to many she is known as the firebrand hands-on personality who is not afraid to tackle the entrenched bureaucracy and those who preside over it to get things done. To some, she is regarded as a Portia Simpson Miller loyalist, willing to take on every and any one who would stand in the way of her party leader. To others, she is a charming young lady with a disarming self-deprecating manner that belies her grasp and understanding of the issues with which those in the administration grapple daily in order to effect meaningful change.

Admired, respected and feared by friends and foes alike, there is no escaping the fact that Pamela Redwood is indeed, one petite grande dame. Not that she would be gauche enough to ever stake such a claim. As essentially, hers is the role of the administrator and, as such, an effective one who understands her remit and with that understanding the home-grown creed which embraces the adage, "Failure is not an option".

Anyway my dears, on Thursday, January 10, the lady elebrated a milestone birthday - her 50th. The celebrations, however, followed last Friday, January 11, over there at the Royal Botanic Hope Gardens and, luvs, it was simply put - a fab-fest of the finest order!

Talk about a celebration of the fabulous order. Well, this my dears was the finest tradition of haute style as indeed the event was choreographed, and what do we mean? An effortless outpouring of style, grace and charm - produced and executed as it was by 'from thought to finish' under the baton of the celebrated chef, event planner, and caterer Jackie Tyson and her companion and partner, Dr Dennis Howard.

Dears, we are talking a simply fabulously elegant evening here as, indeed, the gazebos at the Hope Zoo were designed by the grand master of entertaining, Kenny Benjamin, so you know we are talking mini-brooks, koi-ponds, sculpture gardens, leisure seating, café-style nooks and more. Thought to finish worked it all, incorporating all the beautiful features of the area to produce a superbly designated sense of space and style ideal for partying.

And my dears, party those who were shortlisted for the swanky affair did. It was a celebration for the hale and hearty by the hale and hearty and it made for a fabulous outing!

Luvs, the evening began with welcoming cocktails and the meeting and greeting of guests by the birthday lady. And as the evening unwound, guests were treated to a cosmopolitan buffet of some of the finest dishes to have ever blessed this here seasoned palate.

Naturally, there was an interlude to acknowledge the occasion. Friends spoke to the occasion but, my dears, what was already a buzzing affair became that much hotter when Dr Dennis Howard turned up the musical component of the celebrations to serve up some absolute musical classics, spanning the years and generations, and how!

Oh my word - dears, the smelling salts please as, indeed, this one was like that - a musical journey that did the rounds and then some. We are talking from reggae's finest exponents to its lesser life forms but phew, it made for a wonderful melange and some fabulous dancing way into the morning, and fab like that all they way!

And talk about fab! It was nothing but, with among the ranking members of the fabulocracy: Portia Simpson Miller; Phillip Paulwell; Peter Bunting; Dr Wykeham McNeill; Lisa Hanna and her companion, businessman Richard Lake; Richard Azan; Mayor of Kingston Senator Angela Brown Burke and husband, the enigmatic Paul Burke; Deputy Mayor Andrew Swaby; Ambassador Elinor Felix; Cuban Ambassador HE Yuri Gala Lopez and his charming wife, Mrs Yaima Lopez; The Rev Marjorie Lewis, who invoked divine intervention; the charming Dr Deborah Hickling; the lovely Lisa Taylor, sister of the birthday girl; the simply fabulously stunning Tanya Ho-Shue, BFF to the birthday girl, who jetted in from Florida for the celebrations; conglomateur Kenny Benjamin; Michael Campbell and companion, the charmingly lovely Dulcie Moodie; businessman Steve and Karishma Khemlani; Dr André Foote; Delroy Howell; the elegant Valerie Juggan Brown; Major Michael Goulbourne; Major Johanna Lewin; Carrole Guntley; the lovely Moveta Munroe; Klaus Heitman; Margaret-May McCauley; Robert Stephenson; Dawn Young; Betty Barrett-Thompson; the fab Dollis Campbell; Nari William-Singh and wife, Trisha Thompson; Thelma Johill; Miguel Bernard and his companion, the stunning Nicky Channer, celebrating her own birthday; Monique French; Fabian Graham; Pauline Scott-Blair; plus a number of others.

Indeed, 'twas one fine night and a flawless celebration all-around!