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Digicel, Gallery must master art of teamwork

Published:Wednesday | February 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Don't miss the National Biennial Exhibition which runs till March 9 in the Roy West Building.

When you have completed your leisurely tour (which deserves hours of your time), skip next door to the new Digicel tower to view its public spaces, namely the main entrance lobby and the food court which are both gigantic.

You can't fail to be impressed by the contrast between the National Gallery's 'cram-jammed' walls, niches, corners and passageways and Digicel's vast echoing emptiness.

Enjoy lunch while you contemplate the ballroom-size canteen space.

Collaboration between the boards of these two corporations could alleviate the imbalance of wall space between them, benefiting both: National Gallery by freeing up its hanging space; and Digicel by adorning bare walls with the National Gallery's spillover.

Massive digital prints (which seem cramped where they currently hang), oversize photographs, murals, mosaic and tapestry works the size of billboards would enhance the appearance of Digicel's physical plant, while helping to solve its acoustic problems.

Digicel already boasts functional sculpture in the form of four magnificent rooftop windmills, as well as yesteryear cannon in the terrace breezeway.

Picture a future of rotating exhibitions, competitions and sponsorships open to challenge Jamaican artists in every field. The new possibilities are endless.