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Celeb crush

Published:Monday | March 25, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Eva Longoria

We all have our little celeb crush. You know, those virtual affairs that reignite everytime we see them on our television screen or in our favourite magazine. You know, the one you hold near and dear that your significant other may very well be aware of.

Flair reached out to our male readers to find out who their ultimate celebrity crushes are. The responses varied and created quite a stir. You will be surprised that they are not admired only for their hot bod.

Beyoncé. She's dynamic, beautiful, creative and a strong role model for young women. She's the epitome of a strong black woman and how successful one can become in this world as a result of hard work and dedication.

- KP

I would have to say Beyoncé. Because she's hot, rich and can be proper and then very sexy.

- SR

Eva Longoria. I like Spanish women and she's petite. I fell in love with her from Desperate Housewives because apart from her just being Latino and petite there was something about her acting that gravitated me towards her.

- RM

Bjork. Many people might find this particularly strange. She's just this oddity that's so musically gifted that many aren't able to appreciate. I guess I'm one of those lucky ones who just love her for what she brings to the table. Guess that makes me an oddball too.

- SS

Jennifer Lawrence. Other than being a superb and versatile actress, she's hilarious off camera and who doesn't love to laugh? It doesn't hurt that her body was sculpted by the god of curves either.

- JD

Halle Berry: Because she's fine and a very beautiful black woman.

- RG:

Meagan Good. She's super cute and hot!

- PG

Angelina Jolie. She has a body to die for and she would make a good housewife.

- HF

Zoe Saldana. She's a great actress, possesses a beautiful smile and is really sexy as an assassin (colombiana).

- SB

Rihanna. Because I think our sexual energies are compatible.

- AD

Tami or Tessanne Chin. They seem like really cool women. Not only are they attractive physically but they possess intellect, which I find very attractive.

- VM