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Fab abs

Published:Monday | April 8, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

Already almost half-way through the year, summer is fast approaching and, yes ladies, the time has come to get those bodies in shape for bikini season.

With numerous parties sche-duled, not to mention the heat, the beach is certainly the place to be. But of course, you want to look your best.

Fitness expert and owner of Fit Farm Fitness Club, Audrie Allwood, says six weeks is enough time to get your bikini body ready. That is, of course, for those who just need to lose a few inches and tone the body and tighten those abdominal muscles.

Exercising is crucial, but Allwood advises that exercise alone won't do the trick.

"You have people who are working out very hard but are still gaining weight or are not losing any weight - simply because they are not eating properly. Exercise goes hand in hand with eating properly."

She recommends cutting back on carbohydrates and foods and drinks with a high sugar content. Once you have achieved your desired result, especially around the abdominals, it can be maintained by a method of carbohydrate depletion. This is especially useful if you want to ensure that your body looks great for a specific occasion.

Three days without carb

"Carbohydrate depletion is where carbohydrates are removed from your diet for three days. You would only consume protein and vegetables. No juice is allowed either. After those three days, you can reintroduce carbohydrates to your diet."

Depletion can be done over a weekend and can be done every week. It is said to help with the burning of stored fat.

"This is ideal, especially if you have somewhere to go and you want to make sure that your body looks good in an outfit. After the three days, you will revert to consuming normal but healthy food."

Achieving great abs is most women's greatest desire. Suffice it to say, you can't have a beach body without a nicely defined stomach.

"Even if you are not really too keen on losing weight, you still have to be careful with the things you consume. You have to eat properly to have nice abs. It is really about the diet."

Six weeks is enough time to tuck and tighten to get that desired shape. So remember watch what you eat and dedicate some time to working out, whether at home or the gym to meet your six-week goal.

Now that we have the nutrition down, join Flair in the coming weeks as we get you bikini-ready.