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Safety is a must on our roads

Published:Saturday | April 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The busy intersection of Mona Road and Wellington Drive poses a danger for both motorists and students. According to a letter writer, school zoning would better protect students of the nearby Mona High and Jamaica College. - Ricardo Makyn/Staff Photographer


We, as a nation, take it as par for the course to emulate many of the policies, practices and philosophies of First World nations. In particular, we are grand imitators of the United States.

The time has now come for us to mirror their recognition of children's rights by instituting school zones. The lives of our children are at risk, and something has to be done to stem the woeful tide of death.

I live in the Mona area and recognise the immense difficulty that Mona High School and Jamaica College students face in crossing our busy roadways. No one can deny that the traffic on our roadways has increased immensely over recent years, but unfortunately our drivers have become more aggressive and are practising fewer and fewer defensive-driving tactics.

With our economic conditions worsening, it is hardly likely that the mental stability of our drivers will improve, so our National Road Safety Council will need to be proactive and institute measures which will ensure the safety of our children.

Both Mona Road and Old Hope Road are frequently traversed by speeding motorists who put our children's lives at risk. Checks could be made to ascertain the number of accidents which have taken place along these corridors within the vicinity of these schools, as a case in point. We cannot await the death of one of these children before taking action.

Added to this, the children need to be taught the proper use of the pedestrian crossing. I do not support the holding up of one's hand to cross the roadway, because some persons think that once their hand is up, they are guaranteed safe passage. They also need to realise that extra care must be taken to cross the road when it is wet, because one does not have to be driving fast to pick up a skid on our roadways.

Safety is a must. Too many lives are being needlessly lost in our country, and we can make the difference if we do what is necessary. School zones would help to cut down on our speeding, as well as garner some necessary income from those who insist on breaking the law. Above all else, zoning would be impactful in saving the lives of our children.


Mona, Kingston 6