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Full body orgasm - the ultimate 'Big O' in sexual health

Published:Wednesday | August 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Anastasia Cunningham, Health Coordinator

Having the ultimate sexual experience is the goal of almost everyone. And achieving a full-body orgasm is probably the zenith.

With amazing health benefits for your overall well-being, at the end of a full-body orgasm, you will feel like you have never felt before - not knowing whether to laugh, cry or both - a true floating-on-cloud-nine experience. Have you ever had one?

Described as an orgasm times 100, in a full-body orgasm, your entire body vibrates with orgasmic energy. It is, in fact, the ultimate orgasm that you feel from the tip of your hair to the tip of your toes. Whether solo or with a partner, anyone can learn to have one.

"Sexual energy is one of our most powerful energies for creating health," noted Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. "Through the intimate connection with another, our stress hormones lower and our serotonin shoots through the roof."

The climax of tantric sex - the act of channelling all the sexual energy back into your body that would normally leave during an orgasm, increasing your potent sexual energy and intimacy - it is derived from the ancient art of tantra, which originated in India and is practised by a small number of Hindus and Buddhists.

Unlike traditional sex, where the end goal is an orgasm in the genitals, tantra is about finding pleasure in non-genital sensations, rediscovering your and your partner's bodies - learning how to move your sexual energy away from your genitals, up through your entire body. When this sexual energy reaches your head, your body begins vibrating with such intensity that the orgasm takes it over entirely - something that can be experienced by both men and women.

Although practised for centuries, tantric sex was made popular by Sting - world-renowned singer, songwriter and actor. Purporting its blissful benefits, Sting became the poster boy for tantric sex.


According to experts in sexual health, the reason persons only experience an orgasm in the pelvic region is because their focus is mainly on the genitalia. Essentially, they tend to focus strictly on the physical pleasure.

The key to a full-body orgasm is the mind - a very powerful tool. You have to focus your entire being and connect with all your energies - physical, mental and spiritual.

Achieving a full-body orgasm means you have to completely let go and let your energies flow. Let your entire being become a part of the pleasurable experience. Let the experience be about the journey, not the destination.


Let go of your inhibitions, insecurities about your body, taboos - eliminate all mental blocks, and keep your mind and body exactly where you are, which means no far-off fantasies or thoughts.

Relax, mentally, physically and spiritually. Simply relax. Set the mood. Don't hold back. Just let go and don't be afraid to lose control.

Take deep, slow breaths. Sync your breathing with the rhythm of your body. Breathing moves energies throughout your body. Allowing the energy to flow will be so intense you will feel a shiver run down your spine and spread throughout your entire body.

Take things slowly. Make every touch sensual. Move slowly and deliberately, exploring each other's body, or your own if you're going solo. Let the energy build with each touch, each look, each taste, each sound, each act. The more energy you build, the more intense the orgasm will be.

Men and women achieve orgasms differently, so it is important to know what works for both you and your partner, know each other's erogenous zones. This can be discovered together or by yourself.

In fact, discovering your body on your own gives you a more heightened experience and affords you the opportunity to know YOU intimately. You will learn to master the art of getting your energy flowing and become fully comfortable with your own body.

By the way, once you experience a full-body orgasm, you will never want to go back. So make sure you're ready for it and that you can handle it.

Take it slowly

Build the sexual energy a little at a time. Don't rush it, make every touch a sexual act. Keep touching and teasing and build the sexual energy. The amount of sexual energy within you determines both the strength of the orgasm, as well as how far up your body the orgasm will go.

Don't focus on 'down there'

"Imagine all that energy running up your spine, down your arms into your hands, and up into the top of your head," wrote Barbara Carrellas, author of Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century. "Once you learn to open yourself up, you can let more sexual energy flow through you."

Practise breathing techniques; breathe calmly

"It's natural to hold your breath when you're on the brink of climax," noted Carrellas "You'll feel a deeper pleasure if you fully inhale and exhale. Practise while you masturbate," she stated. Slow breathing will allow you both to sync up and move into shared experience. The breath is the largest and most controllable pulse in your body. Steady breathing brings all the other pulses (from heartbeat to biochemical arousal to quivering desire) into rhythmic coherence. When you breathe in rhythm with your body and your partner, you'll automatically fall into love. Instead of being slammed by those paranoid-aggression hormones, your bloodstream will be swimming with the biochemicals of bliss.


If you're tensing up during sex and speeding to get to the finish line, your pleasure senses are shutting down, which is very counterproductive. Rapid breathing and tense muscles only make the system nervous. Your body will either race to ejaculate or you become so anxious, you lose the ability to.

Pay attention to all of your senses

A relaxed body, breathing slowly and deeply, will tingle with limitless sensations. The more you focus on all your senses, the more fresh and unexpected your experience becomes. Feel, taste, smell, see, hear everything. The genitals may have thousands of nerve endings, but the entire body has more than three million spread over 20-square feet of skin. You have 10,000 taste buds and 40 million olfactory receptor cells. That's not even counting muscles, eyes and ears! So open up all your sensory receptors. Let it all be part of the experience.

Make some noise

Scream, shout, moan, talk, sigh, whatever you fancy, but don't hold back. Make some noise. It will be a turn-on for both you and your partner. "In tantra, there are seven different energy centres (or chakras) in the body: perineum, lower belly, upper abdomen, heart, throat, forehead, and top of the head," Carrellas noted. "Making higher-pitched sounds brings your sexual energy up to these higher centres, while making lower sounds brings it down."

Focus on each spot

Focus on the places that your partner, or you yourself, is stimulating at the moment. Remember that each touch is a complete sexual act. For example, if you feel a touch on your neck, tune in to the sensations that you feel at that exact spot. Do not allow yourself to think of anything but. Be the actual touch.

Do your Kegels

Squeezing and releasing the pubococcygeus muscle (the same one you use to stop the flow of urine) in a slow, deep rhythm as intercourse gets more intense will help you orgasm longer and more powerfully.

Let your mind stay with your body

Keep your mind and body exactly where you are. No distractions, no far off fantasies or thoughts. Stay focused on the task at hand and enjoy what you have going on. Allowing your thoughts to stray will only defeat the purpose.

Become one with your partner

Focus on your partner's pleasure, not just your own. Find each other's erogenous zones and slowly stimulate them. Listen to your partner's response with each touch. But don't linger. Heighten the pleasure at one spot then move to the next. Appreciate your partner's entire body. Talk about what you're experiencing and exploring. Keep the pace and the rhythm of both your bodies in sync. Release your energies and become one. Feel what each other is feeling.


When you're on the brink of a climax, allow your mind to bring the energy up your body by simply directing it. While you feel your orgasm, feel yourself pull it up through your toes, spine, stomach, fingers, chest, neck, all the way up to your head. Simply place your attention on where you want the energy to be, and with time, you will find the energy travelling.

It may take a little practice, but after a while, the orgasm will travel all the way to the top and bottom of your body. The tricky part is redirecting your energy up through your body and to your mind. Once this happens, the energy can continue to recycle throughout your body, having one orgasm after another, not knowing exactly where one ends and one begins.

If you don't think you can achieve a full-body orgasm on your own, there are experts who offer tantra classes. So sign up.