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Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce launches Chic Hair Ja

Published:Sunday | August 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The display from which customers can choose their hair of choice. On this side, Peruvian and Brazilian hair types are shown.
The display area allows you to get acquainted with the hair before you purchase it.
Once you purchase your hair, it is packaged specially for you.
Not only does Chic Hair Ja take care of your hair needs, it also has a wide range of accessories to complement your attire.
The stunning art work used to complement the store's black, white and pink decor.
The pink and black d├ęcor is ideal to suit the clientele for which Chic Hair Ja caters.
If you like the feel and look of Indian hair, then this display area is for you.
If you opt to give your hair a break by adding extensions, closure hair pieces like the one seen in this photo allow you to cover your entire hair while having a natural-looking part as if it were your own.

Latoya Grindley, Staff Reporter

She rose to instant fame internationally when, in 2008, she became a the first Caribbean woman to win a gold medal in the 100 metres at the Olympics.

Since then, she has been blazing up tracks as she continues to raise the Jamaica flag high. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, known to many as a professional and successful athlete, has now added businesswoman to her number of achievements.

Officially launching her brainchild two months ago - Chic Hair Ja, Fraser-Pryce, through her business, retails 100 per cent virgin hair and products to care for these extensions.

"We retail different types of hair, namely Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian and Cambodian. This is mainly because Jamaican women are made up with different personalities and styles and this move reflects that. Whatever style you choose, we have a different texture and feel, so you get the opportunity to choose the type of hair that blends well with your hair".

A diva herself, who places much emphasis on appearance, Fraser-Pryce is set on catering to women who are like-minded and just want to feel and look beautiful.

"To be honest and frank, we are targeting all women who aspire to have that chic look at an affordable price. Whether you want to track your hair, a full sew-in or even clip-ins, we cater to all women and all personalities, " she says.

The store setting also screams chic with a touch of elegance, which is a true reflection of the vision of the business.

"The store's decor represents being stylish and also simple. You don't need a lot to enhance the beauty of anything. It mirrors a slick and classy look that most women go for in everyday lifestyle. The style was inspired by 'my simple yet make and impression' look".

The layout also facilitates a comfortable
shopping experience for clients. From a hoisted display, guests can
actually have a hands-on experience with the various types of hair
before purchasing. And if standing gets a bit taxing, then there is a
sofa to complement the overall experience.

There are also plans
in the pipeline to expand the in-house services. And this includes
having a hairstylist in place, for which a space has already been

"The in-house stylist will be there for
women to get their hair done on the spot. But this will only be done by
appointments, to give each person that quality attention in fabulous
style," Fraser-Pryce said.

Currently in Moscow for the
IAAF World Championships, Fraser-Pryce admits to having a hectic
schedule because of athletic obligations. However, she makes sure that
she is not left out of the loop as it relates to decision-making and
important business happenings. She remains integral in the operations of
the business, but charges core responsibilities to her husband and
staff for the day-to-day operations.


"While I'm away competing, I am still up to date
on the daily operations of the store. My husband is pretty much doing a
lot of the work. And my team headed by Keashie Simpson is hard-working
and very professional in seeing to it that we uphold our fantastic
customer service and the day-to-day running of the store," she

But how does she manage to strike a balance with
making key business decisions while focusing on

"Balancing my responsibilities as an
athlete with launching my new business has been time consuming. However,
my entire life is based on prioritising the things that are important
and beneficial to me. My athletic training comes first, so I do nothing
to hamper that. Also, my husband, Jason, has been instrumental in
everything, limiting the amount of time I spend on the road, and he
ensures that I am not overextending myself," she

Preparing to make Chic Hair Ja a valuable
and successful business venture, Fraser-Pryce shared with
Outlook the attributes she possesses for running a

"I definitely think some prerequisites for
ensuring a successful business are being optimistic and hard-working,
patient, and never losing focus or the passion that started it all. I am
guided by patience, as greatness can never be rushed, it takes time
time to grow and time to work. What God has planned will happen; we just
have to put in the work and watch the tree

Chic Hair Ja is located at Shop #24,
Barbican Business Centre, 88 Barbican Road. Telephone: 978-8704,

You can also find it on

Photos by Gladstone Taylor/ Photographer