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Government waived $12m on luxury vehicles in June

Published:Wednesday | October 2, 2013 | 12:00 AM

JAMAICA'S CASH-STRAPPED Government approved approximately $12 million in waivers to individuals and institutions for the importation of luxury vehicles during the month of June.

Among them was the University of Technology, which got a $6.4 million waiver on the importation of a 2013 Land Rover.

At the same time, the University Council of Jamaica received a $3.4 million waiver on the importation of a 2012 Mitsubishi Pajero.

A $2 million waiver was approved for national footballer Luton Shelton on the importation of a 2012 Porsche Panamera.

The information on the waivers appears on the Ministry of Finance's website.

During the month of June, the State gave up $211.9 million in revenue. The figure is down from the $244.5 in waivers given in May when the governing People's National Party benefited from more than $8.7 million in waivers.

The party benefited from waivers on both SCT and GCT on the transfer of four motor vehicles.

The transfer applies to a 2012 Toyota Rav4, a 2012 BMW X6, a 2009 Audi Q7, and a 2010 Audi Q7.

The Ministry of Finance also lists a Horace Dalley as having benefited from the waiver of GCT and SCT of a combined $727,411 on the transfer of a 2008 Mitsubishi Shogun.

Meanwhile, during the month of June, the State gave up $161.4 million in waivers to charitable organisations, another $30 million as a result of government contracts and legal obligation, $9.8 million to miscellaneous category, and another $11.6 million to non-cap.