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Roman Catholic Church on justice, ethics

Published:Friday | October 25, 2013 | 12:00 AM


I commend Norris McDonald for utilising historical facts and bringing forward both sides of what the Roman Catholic church teaches on justice and ethics, in his Tuesday, October 22, article 'Reparation and the Catholic Church'.

However, Mr McDonald did not inform your readers that Catholic Online is operated by lay Catholics who are free to state their opinions on any matter, no matter how inappropriate they may be. We must remember that not all Catholics share the same opinions.

It is my duty as a Catholic to inform your readers that the Catholic church today does not support any form of injustice against any human, person or creatures created by God.

The article mentioned by Mr McDonald has been removed at the request of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops which indicated its disapproval.

It is inappropriate to judge history from our era because what may seem inappropriate now, was appropriate then, though inhumane. In no way or shape am I justifying the actions of our colonisers, but any unbiased historian will tell you one should not judge history based on the principles of our era.

Roger Goodwill