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Religious fundamentalism the real threat

Published:Tuesday | December 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM


Christian fundamentalist groups, Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society and Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, spent thousands of dollars importing an American evangelical, Peter LaBarbera, to speak at their flashy conference on December 7. The event took place at the massive Jamaica Conference Centre complex, and during his presentation LaBarbera said, to thunderous applause, that homosexuality is a threat to children.

The following day, at a quaint old Anglican church in downtown Kingston during a service to mark World Human Rights Day, a Jamaican priest, Father Sean Major-Campbell, condemned the Church for remaining silent while parents throw their gay kids out of their homes as young as 12 years old. Some of these kids have been forced to live in New Kingston's sewers and sell sex to survive.

Often these outcasts are paid extra to have condom-less sex with their (mostly married) uptown clients. This increases their vulnerability to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

One wonders if American religious fundamentalism isn't the real threat to Jamaica's kids.


Montego Bay, St James