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Class inequality still hurting Jamaica - cop

Published:Monday | February 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Senior Superintendent of Police Fitz Bailey, in charge of the St Andrew Central Division, believes classism in Jamaica is an obstacle to the nation achieving justice and tranquility.

Bailey, who was a guest speaker at the Peace for Champs devotion held yesterday at the Church of God in August Town, St Andrew, reflected on the reason for the existence of the police force.

"The situation of the police force being created to protect plantation master still exists, and we have to change it," said Bailey. "We see where (there is) inequity in the distribution of wealth, and there was never a time where we saw equal distribution of wealth. The minimum wage can hardly do anything for those who earn it."

He added: "Every citizen in this country needs to be appreciated and feel a sense of belonging. Jamaica is not at peace; we are in a state of war. It's about people understanding their purpose and being a part of society."

Said Bailey: "We cannot have a just society where there is disparity."