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Reflect, educate, celebrate for Peace Day - PALS

Published:Tuesday | February 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM

A peaceful resolution is the best solution. That is the message and theme that will flow through schools across the island as Jamaica gears up for Peace Day 2014 next Tuesday.

"We know how hard it is in today's Jamaica to ask our children to choose non-violent solutions when they get daily messages that when people have a conflict, violence is the best method to resolve it, that fighting is normal, acceptable and even fun, that in every conflict there is a winner and a loser," Janilee Abrikian, general manager for Peace and Love in Society (PALS) Jamaica, said in a message to school administrators.

"Thank you for doing all that you do to mould our children into people who can choose to be respectful, compassionate, tolerant and who will understand the value of being peacemakers. We also know that schools are a major influence on behaviour as teachers strive to teach children to treat others respectfully and to resolve conflicts without violence."

PALS has provided a menu of activities set out under three headings - Reflection, Education, and Celebration - from which the schools may choose in relation to their setting. There is also a lesson for primary-age children and two lessons for high-schoolers.

Ribbons will also be available from The Gleaner's offices at 7 North Street, Kingston.

Said Abrikian: "For persons coming in for ribbons from schools outside of Kingston and St Andrew, we would ask you to check with your colleagues in schools close to you to see if they would like you to collect ribbons on their behalf."