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Wellesley Gayle - humanitarian on a mission

Published:Saturday | March 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Wellesley Gayle

Karrie Williams, Gleaner Writer


Selfless, with a deep-rooted passion for helping others, is perhaps the best way to describe Wellesley Gayle. He is a man on a mission to make a positive contribution to the lives of everyone he comes across.

Gayle, who hails from the community of Beaston Spring in Westmoreland, has lived most of his adult life in Granville, St James. Despite being very busy with his job as strategic business unit manager for Xerox Limited, Gayle still finds time to devote to his many volunteer efforts.

"People need help, and there are a lot more persons in worse situations than me," Gayle said. "I see it every day in my community, and I feel I have a responsibility to help based on my position in life and my own experiences growing up."

Currently, he sits on the board of a number of community-based organisations, including the Granville Peace and Justice Resource Centre. He is also president of the Retirement Community Development Committee and Chairman of the Retirement Sports and Social Club, just to name a few.

"I know no other way," Gayle confesses. "I am inspired by Nelson Mandela and other great human beings who willingly gave of themselves to bless the lives of countless others. I firmly believe that if it can be done, then I can do it. Others have done it, and I, too, must also fulfill my own social responsibility."

Gayle credits Anthony Forrester, past president of Riah's Sports Club in Montego Bay, as being integral to his personal development and his humanitarian ways. He said that Forrester "treated me with respect and gave me guidance as a young man when I first came to live in Montego Bay".

Guidance and assistance

Gayle is a graduate of Mannings School, the Northern Caribbean University, and Bradford University in the United Kingdom, where he obtained his master's in business administration. He also credits his family for its guidance and assistance in shaping the man he is today. He is married to Omeil, and together, their union has produced two daughters, Karena and Aliana.

Besides being an organisational manager, website developer, husband, father, and humanitarian, Gayle is also an ardent cricket fan. He has played in many matches for his former community of Granville and now works assiduously in his capacity as president of the Granville Cricket Club to develop the sport there.