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100 DAYS TO KICK-OFF - Big bucks to get there

Published:Tuesday | March 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Argentina's Lionel Messi
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Laura Koch Gleaner Intern

There is still time to stack up the dough - 100 days to be exact. Save all you can because it costs a pretty penny to attend the FIFA World Cup Finals in Brazil.

For two persons and 30 nights, Jamaicans travelling to the month-long football extravaganza will have to fork out big bucks - ranging from a low of US$8,500 (J$909,500) to as much as US$100,000 (J$10,700,000).

Though estimates are subject to change at the local level, research has guided a fairly accurate gauge of ballpark figures, impacting key factors such as travelling (ground and air), meals and accommodation.

Usually, the high tourist season is between November and April. This means that you could expect lower prices in the low tourist season between May and October. But World Cup time is a different deal, and prices are expected to increase for simply everything.

It is likely that you'll end up paying three times the regular costs in Brazilian cities.


From Kingston to Rio de Janeiro, prices currently start at around US$1,500 (J$160,500) with Delta or American Airlines.

Flights from Montego Bay to Rio are pricey and start from around US$1,900 (J$203,300) with Delta or American Airlines.



You can find hostels all over the Brazilian metropolis, like Rio de Janeiro or Brasilia. Since you may share a dorm with other people, hostels are the cheapest version of accommodation.

However, the owners will try to earn some more money with the tourist, and where you would pay around US$20 (J$2,140) these days, by the time it comes around to the World Cup, you have to pay around US$100 (J$10,700).

Three-star hotels:

For the so-called middle-price segment, you will find a wide range of costs. In June and July, you will probably find a room for two persons going for between US$400 (J$42,800) and US$1600 (J$171,200) per night.

Five-Star-plus hotels:

In this category, prices usually have an almost open end.


Food costs in Brazil are quite similar to Jamaica, but be aware also that the prices are likely to increase in June and July.

In a mid-range restaurant, two persons would pay about US$40 (J$4,280) for their meals.

For a combo meal at an American fast-food restaurant, prices are around US$8 (J$856).

A domestic beer might cost you US$2.50 (J$267.50) and an imported one may go for about US$5 (J$535).


A bus ride is around US$1 (J$107) in the city, whereas a taxi could be just under US$1 (J$107) per kilometre.

If you decide to rent a car, prices would start at around US$85 (J$9,095) per day, and gasolene around US$1.40 (J$149.80) per litre.

In total, Jamaicans will have to pay a nice sum of money to celebrate the World Cup in Brazil.

Luckily, no visas are required for entry once one has a World Cup ticket. That makes for a saving - a fair bit of what may be needed for an experience of a lifetime.

(NOTE: Conversion rate used is US$1=J$107).