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Not your line of work, Lawyer Brown!

Published:Wednesday | March 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM


It is with astonishment that I read the column of Cedric Brown in The Gleaner of March 11, 2014 titled 'Stop being petty over Goat Islands project'.

What would drive this lawyer to casually dismiss the research of Anthony Chen, a respected scientist and researcher? What expertise does Lawyer Brown and his cadre of progressive thinking Jamaicans possess that would challenge the work of Professor Chen, a respected scientist?

Perhaps Lawyer Brown should identify the respected cadre of progressive scientists who invented clean coal technologies.

Why would a lawyer insert himself in a serious scientific discussion concerning the future of Jamaica's fragile environment by trying to obscure the proven fact that there is no such thing as clean coal? If that were true, the cities of China would not be choking in pollution from coal-fired plants.

The Chinese have been known to employ paid lobbyists in countries where they find it necessary to circumvent environmental regulations. Naïve Jamaicans should be made aware of this.


Kingston 8