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Withdrawal tax draconian

Published:Monday | April 21, 2014 | 12:00 AM


How long will this uncaring Government continue to squeeze the life out of public servants? About three months ago, teachers whose pay was not being deposited at financial institutions were brought in line with others' whose salary had been sent to banks. Therefore, all Jamaican teachers no longer pick up cheques.

Only an uncaring Government which has shackled its workers to four years of wage freeze, which should have ended 2015 but has since sent out notice that it will extend to 2016, would subject its workers to paying tax to withdraw the already-taxed money that they've worked for.

Enough is enough! How much more will you squeeze out of us? A lot of us are struggling, and are on borderline poverty.

So we pay all these taxes before we see our pay - or what is left of it. We pay tax to get it from the bank and we pay tax on every single thing we do thereafter with that money. It can't be! That's madness in overdrive!

Who is going to ensure that those who continue to evade tax payments be brought to justice? Who is going to care about the public-sector workers in this economical tsunami?

Not another new tax! Not under this wage freeze!