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'My career is going brilliantly' - Ishawna sees a bright future for herself

Published:Sunday | May 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM
One of the pictures of Ishawna that made the STAR's centrespread last Monday. - Contributed

Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

Since she broke off her engagement and started focusing fully on her musical career, Ishawna Smith, who goes by the stage name Ishawna, has been receiving a lot of publicity, including making the centrespread of The STAR.

In her own words, she can now focus on her career without restrictions. She spent a few minutes talking with Entertainment Avenue earlier in the week.

"My career has been brilliant since I signed to Downsound," Ishawna revealed.

"I really want to thank my fans for all the support, and I must big up the entire Downsound team, especially Mr. Joe Bogdanovich and Contractor, who markets my image and music worldwide."

Since her breakout hit, Legendary, in 2008, Ishawna has come a long way. Several singles such as No Fear, Murderah, Need Love, Hottest Gal Alive, Tie Yuh, and Real Hot Gal, have dotted her journey.

"The highlight of my career so far has been my single last year with Specialist, called Do For Love, which did very well, and my other single Murderah, which is about spousal abuse. It got a lot of feedback from my female fans who linked me through social media."

Enjoying her new lease on life, Ishawna is focusing on getting more singles on the street, even as she promotes the current ones.

"My main focus right now is on singles that will lead into a compilation album later on. So I'm promoting my new single, Need Love, and my other single, Hottest Woman."

"My main aim in the music business is to touch people through my music and be remembered as someone who made her mark on music internationally."

Ishawna recently shot the video for the hot new single, Need Love, which was inspired by Mad Cobra's 1992 hit, Flex.

Not one to be restricted by barriers, Isahawna hopes to go beyond reggae and dancehall, broadening her musical horizon.

A writer of her own lyrics, something she has been doing from a tender age, Ishawna tries to use real life as her inspiration.

"I will be recording various types of songs, depending on my mood, and also what's going on in my personal life. My ultimate goal is to touch people's lives from all over the world."