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Shellee Melbourne takes a leap of faith

Published:Monday | May 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A genuine Enruoblem design modelled by Ladrine Mullings.
Ladrine Mullings poses in a beautiful Enruoblem Designs little black dress and signature neckpiece. - Contributed Photos

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Staff Reporter

From Barbie dolls to life-size figures, Shellee Melbourne tries to use her childhood passion to break into the fashion world with Enruoblem Designs.

"I have always done designing. When I was a child, I always designed clothes for my dolls," Melbourne said.

This was something she knew and loved. And as Melbourne grew older, she found herself remaking her own outfits because she always wanted to look unique. Being another girl in that dress at a party or event was not something that was going to happen to her. "I love to look and be unique, so I started out adjusting everything I bought. I would add a little this and that to make the outfit me," said Melbourne.

Even with all this creativity, Melbourne did not go into designing after leaving Holmwood Technical High School. She went on topursue her second love, accounting. She was fond of mathematics and accounting throughout high school so after graduating she attended Kenilworth Academy in Sandy Bay, Hanover where she did a six months course in hotel accounting. She then went on to work at Excelsior Biscuit Company and spent six years working at Agro-Grace thereafter.

The love she had for designing still lingered at the back of her mind and she knew that it was not going away because she loved it. It was a part of her so she resigned from her job last May and did a three-month course in designing at Garmex Heart Academy in Kingston. She officially started Enruoblem Designs - (Melbourne turned backwards), last November.

This is a leap of faith that apparently paid off because according to Melbourne she has been well received and business has been consistently good. "It was not as hard as I expected. There were a few orders that I had to put on hold because of the number of orders I have been getting," said Melbourne.

She tends to design mostly dresses and everything is done to order.

"Someone will tell me what they want the clothes for and from there I will create what they want. I will do a dresses for my friends without them ordering from time to time because I know what they like and what they will buy but generally my designs are done to order," she stated.

She does not plan to continue this way as she would like to see her designs in stores internationally in a decade. While this is so, she is taking it one step at a time and first wishes to expand locally.

She is having the best time of her life now doing what she loves. Though it has not always been easy (as it never is with any form of customer service when working with different tastes and personalities), she believes that one should follow their passion. "It is important that people do what they love so that they can be truly fulfilled and happy," Melbourne ended.

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