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Facts on the ratings of films

Published:Monday | May 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


With regard to a letter published in The Gleaner of Saturday, May 10, under the caption 'Baffling Palace Amusement movie ratings', the writer and many others are uninformed of the facts regarding the ratings of films, exhibited by Palace Amusement Company, which are as follows:

The regulation and rating of films officially exhibited in Jamaica are governed by the Cinematograph Authority, under the Ministry of Information.

The Cinematograph Authority comprises a board of censors appointed by Government.

The Authority is governed by the provisions of the Cinematograph Act of 1913.

Palace Amusement is obligated to have all films screened by the Cinematograph Authority, prior to release.

Palace Amusement Company is the only exhibitor of motion pictures in Jamaica, subject to regulation by the Cinematograph Authority.

The Cinematograph Authority reserves the right to evaluate and assign ratings as below:

Ratings applied by the Cinematograph Authority

1. G (General Audiences): Appropriate for all ages.

2. PG-13: Children 12 years and under must be accompanied by parent/guardian.

3. T-16: Teenagers 14 & 15 will be admitted in the company of an adult.

4. A-18: No one under the age of 18 years will be admitted.

5: PG (please note this rating is only applied occasionally).

As said before, these regulations date back to 1913 and do not take into account the Internet, pirated downloads and DVDs, which cannot be regulated. Members of the public, including minors, have ready and unconstrained access to these mediums. Palace Amusement Company remains a good corporate citizen and must abide by the law. Our doors are always open to our patrons.

However, we do not wish to be in contention with parents and guardians of children over ratings of films that they believe appropriate for their children. We have no control over these Government-applied ratings

We would advise the writer and other concerned persons to direct objections to movie ratings to the Office of the Prime Minister, 1 Devon Road, Kingston 10.


Publicist, Palace

Amusement Co

Kingston 10