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Published:Tuesday | May 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Alleged killer cop's trial put off

The murder trial of a policeman charged with the 2012 shooting of a pregnant woman in St Thomas failed to get under way yesterday.

It has been rescheduled for December 1.

Corporal Dwayne Smart has been in custody since September 2012, after being charged with the murder of Kay-Ann Lamont.

However, the case had to be put off yesterday because the courtroom in which it was scheduled to take place was unavailable because of an ongoing murder trial.

Several other cases also had to be pushed back.

Meanwhile, the policeman's lawyer, Valerie Neita Robertson, has asked for three policemen to be subpoenaed to come to court as defence witnesses.

She has also asked for a civilian witness to be subpoenaed.

That witness, who is off the island, had reportedly submitted a telephone video of the incident.

The Crown is alleging that Lamont and Smart got into an altercation after he attempted to arrest her for using indecent language.

During the scuffle, Smart allegedly shot the pregnant woman twice in the head, killing her.

Smart then reportedly shot Lamont's sister in the shoulder.

Heavy rains wreak havoc in MoBay

Hundreds of residents in some Montego Bay, St James, communities had to walk home last night as heavy rains in the western city caused major damage to the road network, leaving some areas inaccessible to motor vehicles.

Among the communities that were badly affected were Green Pond, Farm Heights, Birch Hill, Quarrie and Salt Spring. The newly constructed roadway from Cornwall Courts to downtown Montego Bay was badly damaged, with huge chucks of asphalt being displaced.

The multimillion-dollar drainage system from Green Pond to downtown Montego Bay was ripped up in several places, leaving huge mounds of debris scattered far and wide.

Land slippage blocked the entrance to some homes, making it impossible for drivers to access their yards.

As a consequence, there was limited transportation on the roads, leaving hundreds of persons marooned in downtown Montego Bay.

Eight teen Trinidad footballers pregnant

Trinidad and Tobago's Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh has requested an immediate investigation be conducted into a report of eight pregnant students at a secondary school in south Trinidad.

The pregnant schoolgirls have been identified as members of the school's football team, while the fathers-to-be are said to be from the same school.

The education minister said once the girls are found to be under the age of 16, the police must institute criminal proceedings.

Criminals funded from overseas

Senior Superintendent Maurice Robinson, head of the Clarendon police, says most criminals are being funded by proceeds from abroad.

Speaking at the relaunch of the Mineral Heights Citizens Association Neighbourhood Watch yesterday, Robinson said there were individuals overseas who are sending guns and money to support criminal activities in the island.

He said this was evident as many criminals are too poor to afford the weapons they own.

Robinson said this was why it was essential that citizens become active in their community pointing out that neighbourhood watch programmes can help to combat crime in the community.