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Tuesday talk

Published:Tuesday | May 20, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Light for matches

1.  With the CPL set to bowl off in mere weeks, some people are asking for an update on the crucial lighting project at Sabina Park. Is it on target? The matches are set for evening time so it is crucial that the deadlines be met. Mr JCA President, how about an update, sir?

Credible information

2. The corruption watch for the JCF should really focus on the lock-ups. Credible information suggests that family members of persons in some rural lock-ups are being subject to extortion. They are being told to hand over sums of money ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 to persons posing as law officers. We have learnt that in some instances, relatives are escorted to the ATM to make withdrawals.

Hard times

3. Many people are indeed having a hard time making two ends meet at the moment, but there are those whose life is one huge party. Imagine weekly parties where the most extravagant offerings are laid out for the moneyed class! Well, something is definitely wrong with that picture!

Sinister intentions

4. Not all fishermen are in search of fish. From all accounts, some have more sinister intentions. Genuine fishermen are calling for a line of demarcation to be drawn against those who would seek to contaminate those who are seeking an honest livelihood.