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More to come from gay lobby

Published:Thursday | May 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Professor Brendan Bain's dismissal is just the appetiser to the entrée which the gay community wants to serve us. Should the goodly professor have sidelined his objective findings so as not to prejudice any possible abrogation of the buggery law? And how is it that he has become the victim when those practising homo-sexuality are constitutionally offenders at present?

I hope that Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean community take note of the agenda of the gays and their lobbyists. They want to take over and make the rest of us become subjected to their whims and fancies, or else risk losing our jobs, or perhaps even spending time in jail.


The direction in which this latest incident is pointing cannot be good. The University of the West Indies should be abashed for yielding to the pressure of these lobby groups. Being politically correct doesn't take precedence over ethics.

It's one thing to try and make gay lifestyles legal, but it's a total different kettle of fish to abuse the fundamental rights of the wider society to fulfil the gay agenda.

Now, for those who believe that the arguments fuelling opposition to homosexuals are purely religious, they need to reassess their thinking, for many non-religious individuals stand against such practices and cite them as being unnatural.

It is time the homosexual community desists from trying to criminalise the laws of God and nature, and to decriminalise sin.

Jermaine F. Johnson