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Published:Sunday | May 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM



I am the ghetto, the human figure;

Bending my way through this twisted maze called home, searching for a cure

I am the sinking stone in a loosing game

I'm the bad card drawn, the mirage

I am yard

I am the jungle, the delicate soul moulded by walls that echo cries

A sculpture of pain and knives - I am the muffled voice

the swallowed night, I am the light

I know, but know not, view, but see not

for I crawl from Rats, evading gun shots

between the axe and enduring kas-kas

I am the ghetto, bearing the government's error,

the tourist's terror the financial horror -

I am the blood bank where Police meet

and sons bleed free and justice lies weak

I am the ghetto, the sounds of fears and sorrows, of tasted tears and air

where zinc fence bleed while a father dies -

where a girl friend clutches, a baby, expecting

- Homer Sylvester

Thank You Mom

Thank you mom for giving me life,

For being there through heartache and strife.

Thanks for the discipline when I got rude

And for providing me with shelter, clothes and food.

Thanks for the sacrifices you made for me,

For helping me to be what I wanted to be.

Thank you for showering me with love,

A love that nothing could ever move.

Thanks for your encouragement and praise.

Living with you were the best of days.

Thank you for never giving up on your son

When everyone else thought that I was done.

Thanks for being my mother and my friend.

I know you'll be there until the end.

Mom, I love you from the depths of my heart

And my love for you will never depart.

- Allan Lynfester

All These Months

Me say me deh pan a talk to dis bwoy,

An a talk to dis bwoy,

An a talk to dis bwoy innuh

From January, now a February,

An him nah hear me all now.

Likkle bwoy me say March yuh likkle self in dis room,

Wait deh likkle bit April mek me hear dis lady pon me cell phone

Ahhhm hello..., oh ok sure.

"May I have the information for June's new budget please?"

Lord me say she talk nice eeeh....

July come we might grant her promotion

She always make nuff money fi d company.

Yes, now back to dis bwoy,

Cause me know me ago bus him shut

Unnuh mek mi tek off da tight boot yah,

Before me circulation cut!

Likkle bwoy mek mi ask yuh a question,

A Fort Augusta yuh want me reach?

Come September morning mi affi mek sure yuh innuh brand new khaki

Brand new bag pon back

And how much thousand fi school fee

An every morning yuh ago trech out yuh hand,

Mommy me can get me lunch money?

If I eva gi kick yuh, yuh si likkle bwoy

Yuh feel like a October we reach

Dem say fire deh a mus mus tail

An him tink saay cool breeze

Last November when me did a pay fi yuh sister CXC

Me mek sure tell her straight

Say dis a me December partner money

So mi av high expectations from she.

Me say dis a d last time me talk to yuh innuh bwoy

Mek sure say yuh hear me good

If me eva ketch yuh back inna bad company

A hell and powder house wid you an me broad board.

Mek dis be d last time me talk to yuh,

Me did mek meself clear or wat?

Now, go bathe and scour di bathroom

And try nuh badda gi mi nuh tuff chat!

- Simone P. Graham