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Published:Sunday | May 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle writer

Terminating a marital union can be a painful ordeal, and divorcee Patrice Levy wanted nothing to do with men or love after her marriage failed. "I was a divorcee who had 'written off' men for the rest of my life. My main aim in life was to raise my two daughters and pursue my career." But that was not to be when Olive Ellis intervened

A trained psychologist and now matchmaker, over the past 10 years, Ellis has been finding people their soulmates. "Olive kept telling me that one day she would find the 'boyfriend' for me. She would ask me things like what am I looking for in a man, what kind of man I want, and the list. This continued for over a year," Levy told Outlook.

According to Levy, Ellis taught her how to love again. Ellis explained, "Everyone desires love, so there will always be persons who need help finding their ideal match. Professional matchmakers are experts who help people to find love by getting to know their clients one-on-one, coordinating first dates and guiding them through the process of finding the right relationship."

While traditional matchmaking has been around for centuries, the use of technology to facilitate online dating has become quite fashionable. "Many persons have tried it, and few will admit to its success in helping them to find love. The Internet is not right for everyone who is in search of long and lasting love, and with online dating it is difficult to tell if someone is being completely honest on their dating profile," Ellis revealed.


Then one day, Levy got a call from Ellis that she had found her perfect match. Naturally, Levy was skeptical, telling Ellis she was not interested in the man that Ellis thought was perfect for her. But, finally, she relented. "I found every fault in the book with him. But Olive kept encouraging me and told me to go out with him a second time. I found out after that he had the same reservations about me. He was also coming from a failed marriage."

Both Ellis and Levy addressed coming to terms with her failed marriage and how to go about getting rid of baggage from the past, giving tips on how to break free of sadness and start a new life with love and happiness. Another meeting was arranged and the match dated for a while until they got to know each other.

Ellis' services are for persons who are seeking a companion, but do not feel comfortable posting a profile online for everyone to see. She says "It offers professional guidance and a discreet way to meet people you are compatible with, without having to put yourself out there online, which can expose you to unwanted attention. For some persons, the thought of getting hundreds of letters or texts from persons who are undesirables can be frightening. Matchmaking services also offer a more targeted search - looking for specific qualities and carefully screening each potential match."

Three years later, they are happily married, loving and appreciating each other, not only as lovers, but as best friends.

But the services are also useful for persons who have already found their soulmates, but have lost their way. "We also provide relationship guidance to couples whose relationships have lost 'that loving feeling', or may need to 'spice things up'.

Lila Wallace, too, benefited from Ellis' services. She told Outlook that her two-year relationship had been going nowhere and she had reached the point of no return. Before ending the relationship completely, she confided in Ellis, who began an evaluation to see if there was any hope. "She weighed the pros and cons of our relationship and then she realised that there was a light at the end of the tunnel and we were more compatible than we thought. She started counselling sessions in order to get to the bottom of things and address the root of the issues."

They reflected on where they went wrong and how they could go about making things right, tackling love and respect and focusing on matters of the heart. "I am grateful to her for re-energising my stagnant relationship, reducing that mountain to a molehill. Right now, my relationship is healthier than it has ever been. She truly has a way with words, so if you are having trouble with your relationship, she is the best person to go to.


Knowing how difficult it can be to find someone with whom you share a similar background, Ellis has set up a matchmaking club in Kingston called 'The Matchmaker'. "The Matchmaker", she noted, "is a unique matchmaking club that believes persons with compatible characteristics - if matched together - will have a satisfying relationship. Once a match is found, I will be available for consultation to help the couple through their journey. Regardless of who you may be looking for, we at The Matchmaker want to help you find the love of your life." Confidentiality is assured and potential partners are only revealed once they have found the suitable match and there is mutual consent. The introductions can be done via email or face to face.

There are those persons who still prefer the face-to-face interaction and, to facilitate that, the Matchmaker offers private Singles' Mingle Parties for singles who can meet on their own. These events are held twice per month: one for Christians (Christian Singles' Mingle) and the other for non-Christians.

If you are interested in beginning this journey to compatibility, you can send an email to or book a space to attend one of their parties.

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