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Ruff Cutz Sandals:satisfying the sandals lover in you

Published:Sunday | May 25, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Red, gold and green custom built sandal.
If you are into earth tones and can appreciate art at its finest, then this pair of Ruff Cutz Sandals is just for you.
These radiant red one straps are remixed with gold studded accessories
The traditional black is given a touch of gold in these one strap sandals.
A colour ful red and green lily in the pond.
Red clappaz sandals.

Krysta Anderson, Lifestyle Writer

Sandals are the sole to a woman's feet, and with the right pair, she can transform her outfit and her stride. No one knows this more than young entrepreneur Camille Bryan, whose love for all things fashion and art has led her to create an accessory line quite suited for the tropics.

"I have been an art-and-design enthusiast since I was a child. After I realised that I could design my own sandals, I employed myself and began moulding a business," the young entrepreneur explained to Outlook.

Her background in art includes her excelling in the subject at Ardenne High School and St Andrew High School for Girls. She then went on to study architecture and a course in digital designs, She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in fine arts, textiles and fibre art at the Edna Manley Collage of the Visual and Performing Arts.

three designs

Inspired by current trends, her sandals line is broken down into three designs: lily in the pond, clappaz, and one strap. According to Bryan, "The process of production starts with having the right supplier, one that can provide some level of consistency. Once I have the material, I sew and assemble the sandals. They are then sealed, polished and packaged by my brother, who works with me."

The balancing act of juggling work, school and family is difficult, she says, but she is continuously motivated by her family. "I look up to my mother for her strength and all she has done for me. My son has also been a blessing to me, inspiring me to move forward, and there are other supportive members of my family and friends who have taught me lifelong lessons in how to overcome obstacles. Sometimes, not everything gets balanced - there are times when schoolwork suffers a bit, another time it is the business, then there is parenthood. So 'me time' is limited and very much a privilege for me these days," Bryan shared.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is, "Pray. Pray for knowledge, focus and perseverance. Believe in yourself because it is with that faith that you will make magic. There will be times when we will encounter distractions and failure, and it will be perseverance that we need to overcome those negative energies."

Ruff Cutz Sandals is a unique brand, designed to satisfy the sandal lover in you. Not only do they fit the mould in achieving a look, they are also very high-quality and affordable.

For more information, you can contact Camille Bryan on Instagram: @ruffcutzsandals or 1-876-407-5685.