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Surrendering to gay Gestapo

Published:Tuesday | May 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I hang my head in shame at the leadership of my university for its eunuch-like stance in addressing the contract concerning Prof Brendan Bain. Rather than dealing with relevant issues that should have guided it in the determination of the continuance of Prof Bain's contract, the university delivered a cowardly and chilling blow to our constitutional rights enshrined in the Charter of Rights to freedom of expression.

What is Professor Bain's crime? He provided expert professional/scientific evidence in a case in Belize, on matters in which he has vast knowledge and professional expertise. This evidence was given without editorial or other comment as to how the case should be determined.

The content of his evidence, however, provided inconvenient truths for those who support the LGBT agenda and, as such, Prof Bain has been vilified, castigated and burnt at the stake by those supporting the LGBT agenda.

What makes this sick is that the university has capitulated to this nonsense.

Doctors, beware in giving expert evidence! Citizens of Jamaica, beware! LGBT rights trump rights to freedom of speech! We are proceeding down a Gestapo-like path. I am ashamed of my university's leadership.


Attorney-at-Law & Pastor

Swallowfield Chapel