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What of the conscience vote?

Published:Wednesday | May 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The government needs to make clear its intention regarding the buggery law, since the cowards in Parliament are afraid of taking the conscience vote. In the last campaign the now prime minister opined a clear direction in which we as a nation would be thrust. What was the full intent of that? What have we as a nation been bonded to? What guarantees were given to these groups who as we see are the most vociferous? In order to receive support the Government made promises - promises we all know they are unable to fulfil. It will be interesting to see if the Government takes the decision to have the people vote in a referendum which would be the first since 1961. Will those of us who have till now refused to be enumerated now rush to get on the voters' list?

Gillian Bhalai