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Alleged west Kgn gangleader held

Published:Friday | May 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM

THE police yesterday arrested Omar 'Dawdie' Spaulding in Denham Town, west Kingston, and recovered three illegal weapons from an apartment he shared with his common-law wife and a child.

Superintendent Leon Clunis described Spaulding as "one of the major violence producers" in the Kingston Western Police Division and head of the Scare Dem Gang which has been in conflict with New Generation from Tivoli Gardens.

"Omar Spaulding, also called Dawdie, was held in his house in Denham Town. He was there with his common-law wife and an eight-year-old child," Clunis said.

"Three guns - an Uzi sub-machine, a 9mm pistol and .38 revolver - were recovered, as well as three 9mm rounds in the Uzi."

Eyewitnesses said Spaulding attempted to create a scene in an escape bid, fighting off policemen and calling out residents to help him.

Clunis said Spaulding's arrest was a major breakthrough in a gang war which has resulted in scores of persons being killed in Denham Town, including children, as Scare Dem and New Generation trade bullets.

"He is a major figure in western Kingston. I am sure this will impact positively on violence in that area. From what I understand, they are the ones, along with New Generation, creating mayhem in a war over guns, drugs and turf," said Clunis, who led a special squad into the area.

Spaulding, another police source said, was wanted in relation to a murder committed at the Hellshire Beach in St Catherine, last month.