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LETTER OF THE DAY - Kill volume of Minister Crawford's noise lobby

Published:Friday | May 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


The comments made by State Minister Damion Crawford at the PNP meeting recently covered a range of issues that require further discussion with regard to the serious deficit in positive values and attitudes among the population.

He now joins an influential group of persons, including the leader of the Opposition, Andrew Holness, and former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson, and, therefore, should be commended for his efforts. However, I cannot support Crawford's disregard for the Noise Abatement Act. He disagrees with the limitation of hours set for entertainment in communities.

Mr Crawford might be exposing some of his selfish tendencies whereby, being a symbol of success in spite of the noise that existed in his community when he was growing up, he expects others to exercise tolerance of elevated night noise. Mr Crawford must be made aware that he has left behind thousands whose life chances have been blighted as a result of social malaise, including night noise that they have to contend with in that same community.

Many citizens in Jamaica welcome the enforcement of the Noise Abatement Act by the police. The noise that emanates from sound systems at times not only breaches the moral code of citizens who cannot escape hearing the lewd lyrics that are played, but also affects the health and well-being of citizens.


Is Mr Crawford aware that noise traumatises babies, affects the elderly and ailing individuals, and even students wishing to study? The noise from these sound systems rattles zinc roofs, furniture, and kitchen utensils, and, therefore, deprives whole communities of restful sleep, if any at all.

Mr Crawford seems no longer interested in establishing entertainment zones for staging Nipple Chewsdays, etc., which he attends, as he sees no justification for other persons having restful sleep in preparation for work the next day, Wednesday.


Greater Portmore, St Catherine