Sat | Dec 4, 2021

Crack whip over prisoners!

Published:Friday | May 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Does anyone believe the Government is using all its resources? I certainly don't.

How about the use of manual labour? I am not bringing back slavery, but feeding prisoners with taxpayers' money seems like a few hard lashes to hard-working citizens' pockets, and just about everyone knows what it feels like to take up an item in a grocery store and have to put it back.

What are inmates doing daily otherwise from eating, sleeping and smoking? I know some who have received life sentences are given minimal jobs to do, but what about the rest?

I have seen video footage of how prisoners live inside correctional institutions and I have to say it is far from unwelcoming! The only difference I see from freedom and prison life is these men have sure meals and sure beds to sleep in. The only thing missing is cable TV.

How many of Jamaica's free, roaming citizens can say they never went to bed hungry or their child or children have never missed school because of lack of funds? In the meantime, this Government has these inmates parading around prison getting fat from our dollars. It is time to make these prisoners contribute back to society in ways that can be traced as useful.

How many clogged drains do we have and dirty filthy streets that need cleaning? How many graffiti-blemished walls are there around neighbourhoods that deface communities?

We have more than enough free labour to go around from these inmates, and more than enough police officers, chains and guns to put their physical strength to good use.


May Pen, Clarendon