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Sick and tired of gay debate

Published:Friday | May 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Is it that Jamaica is being compelled to be gay tolerant? Is it that tomorrow, we are supposed to wake up and forget decades of our culture because the Western world has done so?

As I open the newspaper, turn on my TV, tune my radio, or log in to one of my many social-media platforms, all I see are videos and commentary on homosexuality, whether for or against the practice.

I am at the point where I want to climb back into bed, cover with my sheets, and retreat to my dreams. I am utterly frustrated with constantly hearing the rhetoric of homosexuality - why it should be accepted or why it shouldn't be.

But, sadly, what the Government of Jamaica has long since been avoiding is apparently here to stay this time. That fraction of society is no longer afraid of the 'bum bye bye', or the 'fire pan a chi chi'. They have come out in their droves demanding 'rights'. The people of Jamaica deserve to be rid of this matter once and for all.

Quite frankly, there is a growing decline in the significance of homophobia, and unless you are not living on this planet, this fraction of society is relentless. Like Jamaicans love to chant "we want justice", apparently, "dem need justice".

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding said famously, "Not in my Cabinet." Now it falls on this administration to remove the line from down the middle and place it smack dab in front for all to see.

Review the buggery law, review these 'rights' they are arguing for, and make a decision so I can get on with my life. Please and thanks.