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No special prison for cops

Published:Friday | May 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM


I am writing in response to a recent pronouncement by the national security minister.

Why build a special prison for accused lawmen?

The minister of national security recently pledged that a new facility/prison will be built for lawmen who may have run afoul of the law. Youth for Change (YFC) sees this as nothing short of reintroducing the apartheid system to the country.

It's a GREAT idea, so now cops can become corrupt at will because they will have a vacation facility to retreat to, built by the national security minister and the Police Federation. Why should they stop being criminals?

We call on all Jamaicans to reject this proposal, as it will no doubt be levied on our pockets as taxpayers.

The YFC sees this gesture as short-sightedness and believes that if this facility is implemented, lawmen will be able to be excused from the mainstream justice system, which will no doubt encourage further criminal activities in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

While stating that he was not calling for what he termed a 'police prison', Raymond Wilson said, "It was cruel and inhumane to put an officer in a jail cell with prisoners he has arrested." No, you are asking for a Club Med for police.


And what stops other groups from getting their special Club Med, too: soldiers, lawyers, DPP officers, clerks of court, teachers, Christians?

No wonder, we do not implement realistic and practical, stiffer punishments, including hard labour. We are soft on how we treat immorality.

We already pay the Jamaica Constabulary Force our hard-earned money to protect us. Why should we then turn around and pay again when they become hardened criminals?

The civilian accused of a crime has never sworn to protect and serve the citizens of Jamaica. They have no sworn obligation, while the sworn police officers are paid by the taxpayer.

Why disgrace the thousands of honest police officers? We call for equal treatment for ALL under the law - police, government officials and ordinary Jamaicans alike.


Executive Director