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270 teachers benefit from math workshop

Published:Friday | May 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Teachers from Kingston and surrounding parishes pay keen attention to the launch activities of the Ministry of Education and the Insurance Association of Jamaica Mathematics Workshop held at the Jamaica Conference Centre on May 21. The workshops assisted over 270 math teachers from over 90 schools islandwide.- Contributed

The Ministry of Education recently partnered with the Insurance Association of Jamaica (IAJ) to facilitate a one-day mathematics workshop for teachers of grades seven to nine in 90 schools targeted for special support for the 2013/2014 academic year.

The workshops saw members of the National Mathematics Team engaging 270 teachers in sessions designed to increase their competencies in supporting students to develop an understanding of key number-related concepts like fractions and decimals which often impact students' ability to master concepts in other areas and in developing a key mathematical proficiency, that of problem solving. Teachers were engaged in activities throughout the day which will mirror experiences they will be encouraged to provide for their students.

At the opening ceremony held at the Jamaica Conference Centre, recently elected president of the IAJ Karen Bhoorasingh, reiterated that math is an important subject for students to grasp for any future endeavours. She also encouraged the teachers to continue doing good work, all while performing like a coach and not just an instructor. The workshops were designed to help teachers to effectively communicate and demonstrate mathematics principles to their students, in an effort to increase passes at the CSEC level.

There were sessions in three locations: Regions one, two and six in Kingston; Region five in Mandeville; and Regions three and four in Montego Bay.