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Published:Saturday | May 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Sacrificing truth for funding?


Professor Brendan Bain's mistake was to continue leading an agency whose policy priorities were inconsistent not only with his own beliefs, but also with the professional imperative of truth in testimony. I wish Professor E. Nigel Harris had not fired him from an organisation he helped to found, but had instead quietly and graciously offered him (and he accepted) an honourable, parting golden handshake.

That aside, let me say that the claim for homosexual human rights is being touted in lieu of personal liberties. It is also sickeningly being promoted in tandem with racial equality - in other words, who we are is being placed in the same class as what we do.

MSM can theoretically end the human race - race cannot. The MSM matter is an issue of personal liberty which precludes police access to owned spaces without the owner's consent, unless it is suspected that the space is accommodating a crime, in which case the claim to personal liberty is negated. This is the basis for the call for the decriminalisation of the buggery law.

Do we know MSM's critical mass (the ratio that threatens extinction)? Clearly, Sodom reached its critical mass to the point where 10 good souls could not be identified. Is it complicated to appreciate that a highly vascular body part created for the exit of human waste invites infection if misused as a point of sexual access? And what is this claim that all who so agree are homophobic? Are they so, or are the antagonists homo-tropic? And are we sacrificing truth for funding?