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Not-so-clean town

Published:Saturday | May 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Garbage awaits collection in Mandeville earlier this year.-PHOTO BY TAMARA BAILEY

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:MANDEVILLE, WHICH is generally considered a clean town, has been experiencing problems with garbage pile up within recent times.

According to councillor for the division, Jones Oliphant, it is a challenge, as Mandeville, also deemed a university town, has seen more and more persons from several parishes and countries moving in.

The SPM Waste Management Limited, which is responsible for garbage collection, has been inefficient in its duties.

In one of the solid waste management officers reports earlier this year, the availability of limited trucks to the areas of coverage is a logistics nightmare. Health department representatives fear the presence of rodents will start an epidemic that will be hard to control.

"We can't take this anymore, the piles of garbage in the town is unsightly, not to mention the stench that overwhelms some areas, something needs to be done before it's too late," expressed one resident.

The residents are also concerned about the residue left behind after the garbage has been removed.

"When they remove the garbage, there are still some scattered about, with liquid and solid residue that give off an unbearable stench. There not only needs to be frequent collection of garbage, but there needs to be proper sanitation of these areas."