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Published:Sunday | June 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Life is fleeting
It's a race against time
We're here today, gone tomorrow
Don't make room for regret and sorrow
Yesterday is gone, the future is ahead
Live in the present instead
Unleash the day's trials and burdens
Every night before laying your head
To sleep like a baby when you go to bed
Be daring, discover your wild side
You'll be in for a wonderful surprise
have fun, go out, play a game
Reignite the romantic flame
With the love who got away
Maybe it's not too late to start again
Let go of what hurts to remember
Focus on the happy season in December
Forgive, forget, start afresh
Say the magical words, 'I love you'
It makes a difference, that's true
Mend what's broken, heal the wounds
Learn from setbacks and misfortunes
Leave the door open for a new beginning
Do things that are challenging and fulfilling
Be grateful and appreciate the joy of living

- S. Dionne Phillips


I stand on the rocks looking ashore.
I saw the waves open its jaws wide and rumble down onto thesands angrily.

There I was with my other half frolicking.
We ran from the waves when it came dashing in.
Never once it got the chance to taste our skin.

Our boisterous laughter dances with the wind.
He puts his hand around my waist; I knew what was next because it wasn't strange.

I closed my eyes and spread my wings.
up I went and he gave me a spin, down he put me and planted a kiss.
"I love you sapphire" were the words he sang.

My ear gently registered every soulnd.
My heart rejoiced with every pound.
That was the moment for our love to close.
On his knees he went and proposed.
Back to reality from my flashes; rest in peace my true love.

- Shaneil Davis