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Crawford wrong on night noise

Published:Monday | June 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Grace Taylor, Guest Columnist

Grace Taylor, Guest Columnist

We have completed the celebration of another Child Month with happenings and events that are totally inimical to what we desire for our children - more mayhem: abuse, murder and attacks on their innocence.

The forces of darkness seem to unite and unleash a scathing attack on our children during this supposed month of celebration as we continue to witness acts of violence and neglect of our children. My comments in this article are focused on expressing grave concern about the environment in which our children are being brought up, which is anything but child-friendly, and certainly not conducive to healthy mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

I speak specifically to the advocacy of our 'learned' minister of state for tourism and entertainment, Damion Crawford, for operators/promoters and fans of street dances and night noise. I do not wish to comment on the vulgarity of the content of his recent political speech. Instead, I wish to focus on the implications of his stance on the lives of our children.

Economic benefit

I heard Minister Crawford, in a radio interview with Dionne Jackson Miller on 'Beyond the Headlines', defending the view that the much-needed revenue or financial gain of parents from these dances actually benefit the lives of our children, be it the promoters themselves or the multiplicity of vendors who ply their wares at these events.

It has not occurred to him that the physiologically, psychologically, and emotionally damaging effects far outweigh, and in fact nullify the economic benefits.

Our children are impacted negatively in several ways. First, the lack of parental supervision at nights exposes them to danger, as they are oftentimes left alone by parents. We have heard enough horror stories of children left unattended being destroyed by fire.

Second, the noise pollution prevents deep/restful sleep as even adults struggle with this. It creates a party atmosphere in many communities that almost never seem to 'go to sleep', and children are sometimes allowed to hang out on the street while these events are being staged.

Third, children are exposed to foul-mouthed and lewd lyrics that damage their ability to decipher what is good and wholesome in terms of relationships and how we communicate. In addition, the personal cost of major events that require expensive outfits, not to mention fancy hairstyles, often means funds being diverted from our children's education and daily sustenance.

In short, these events rob our children of the innocence of childhood. Many of them will never experience the simple joys of being a child and growing up in an environment that nurtures and fosters their development.

We need to wake up as a nation and begin to give serious attention to our children. We need to unite and begin to advocate at the level of every community for a child-safe and child-friendly environment. So much damage has already been done, but we need to prevent further destruction of our children, as the future of this nation hangs in the balance and is under serious threat.

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